Responsibility towards our customers

We are proud to confirm our responsibility not only towards our customers but the environment too at Halal Kitchen.  Our aim is to always maintain the production levels to control the level of food waste.

Halal Kitchen has developed high levels of trustful partnerships with a small number of key suppliers over the years it has been producing chilled foods.  These companies provide us with the freshest quality raw ingredients that we require to make the mouth-watering and excellence of our range of sandwiches, wraps, snacks and the numerous other varieties that we offer.

We only use fresh British meat and chicken that has been slaughtered in the permitted Halal method.

Hygiene and Food Standards

As a socially responsible business our suppliers, local community and customers have a right to expect that all products sourced and manufactured by Halal Kitchen are tailored under working conditions that are hygienic and safe and by workers that are treated in an ethical manner.

Our team works very hard with our suppliers of cleaning products, from hand gels to sanitisers to ensure they are free from Alcohol and any other ingredient to enable it to be 100% Halal.

Petrol Stations – Convenience stores – Grocery Stores – Supermarkets – Airports

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