Halal Standard

Our Express Cuisine brand is the biggest solely accredited Halal Sandwich brand in the UK, over the past 17 years we have created brand recognition amongst the Muslim & non-Muslim community as being the leader in supplying fresh Halal chilled foods.

Halal doesn’t only mean the way the animal has been slaughtered, it encompasses the whole environment, from manufacture, cleanliness, key ingredients and atmosphere.  There are other companies in the market who produce Halal and non-Halal products in the same environment, there is room for cross contamination and against the Shariah ruling from which Halal has arisen from.  Our dedicated team are constantly going through ingredients, “E numbers,” free from animal rennet, alcohol and gelatin as well as other various aspects to ensure we are strictly abiding by these guidelines as we ourselves are practising Muslims (Alhamdulillah).

Halal Kitchen Ltd is HFA accredited, our Express Cuisine brand is accredited by HMC and their guidelines, another accredited Halal body.

All of our products display the HMC logo on the front or rear of the pack.  You will also find a unique HMC code, this is used for the purposes of tracking and monitoring for the HMC inspectors and peace of mind for the public that each product has been made to the highest quality and most importantly 100% Halal.

What is Halal?

Definition of Halal, something that a Muslim is permitted to engage in i.e. eat, drink, use, behaviour, speech, dress, conduct and manner etc.

The word halal is derived from the Arabic verb ‘Halla’, which means to be or become ‘lawful, legal, legitimate, permissable, allowed, admissable, un-prohibited or unforbidden’.